Graduate: Regina

Regina’s Move In Date Aug 20, 2008 Regina’s Graduation Date April 16, 2010 Regina’s Graduation Testimony If you would have seen my life before Vision Of Hope, You would have seen me as a normal person. Having been raised in church, my dad was the one that I looked up to all my life. I… Read More»

Graduate: Liddy

Liddy’s Move In Date October 9, 2008 Liddy’s Graduation Date April 16, 2010 Liddy’s Graduation Testimony I grew up in a Christian home, I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. I had a good life, I had an awesome family and great friends, so I just couldn’t understand what was wrong, what I was… Read More»

Breaking News!: Homeward Bound 2010

On April 10, 2010, approximately 450 walkers showed up at Reihle Plaza in downtown Lafayete, Indiana to collaborate on a major fundraising event for 9 different not-for-profit agencies in the Greater Lafayette area. Vision of Hope was one of the agencies that participated in putting on the event, which allows local agencies to work together… Read More»

Graduation Photos

On Friday evening we celebrated the graduation of Regina and Liddy. Regina had joined Vision of Hope 21 months ago and Liddy more than 19 months. For all 110 people present, the graduation ceremony was a sweet time of remembering what God has done in their lives through His Word. Here are some of the… Read More»

Breaking News!: Tomorrow’s the day!!!

Tomorrow’s the big day for Homeward Bound in Greater Lafayette. As one of the many agencies involved, Vision of Hope has been working hard to make full use of this great fundraising opportunity. Vision of Hope plans 4 fundraisers each year, and with this spring fundraiser we are hoping to raise $22,000 – $25,000 to… Read More»

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