Building Foundations

Unless you have been living in another country for the past 6 months, you have undoubtedly heard the discussions regarding educational choices that are presenting themselves to families. The truth is, there are many educational choices that are available to families. The real challenge is to determine “What is the best educational choice for my… Read More»

Where Are We Going?

I recently went on a trip to Virginia, and I copied off directions from Mapquest.  Since I did not look at a map, I did not have a “Big Picture View” of where I was going.  During the course of this trip, the passengers in my vehicle would ask, “Where are we?”  It was a good… Read More»

Kindergarten–Half-day or Full-day?

“Awesome,” “good,” and “fun,” are words that kindergartners use to describe their classes.  The teachers’ perspectives also include phrases such as continual learning, constant growing, and concentrating on the needs of students. At FCS, we have the great opportunity to instruct both half-day and full-day kindergarten students in our classes. Parents may face a sincere… Read More»

What’s In Your Hand?

In a recent chapel, we were challenged with a question that several men in the Bible also faced – What’s In Your Hand? Obedience God asked Moses, “What’s In Your Hand?”  God told Moses to release his staff — to throw it down on the ground. You could almost sense the uncertain tension Moses was experiencing because he… Read More»

Elementary Art

Our art department is growing by leaps and bounds!  This is consistent with helping students be good stewards of their role as God’s image-bearers and creators of culture.  Students experience a wide and growing range of art instruction and hands-on activities while learning elements and principles of art and design at the national standard age-appropriate… Read More»

Homecoming 2011

Last Friday I was talking to a friend who moved here from Alabama, and I mentioned that I was headed to Homecoming.  Her response was, “That’s what’s different between here and the South.  We have our Homecoming during football games, and you have yours during basketball season.” Why Faith’s Homecoming is Different The sport involved… Read More»

J Term Excitement

J Term Implemented One of Faith Christian School’s initiatives this year was to incorporate J Term into the school program.  J Term is a 2-week educational program that focuses on concentrated or creative study.  Experiences may include extended classroom study, travel, or internships.  A major goal of J Term is to help students discover their God-given,… Read More»

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a Name? A very famous question posed by William Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet has been used by many people in a sarcastic way when mistakenly referencing someone else.  Could the same question be posed by someone when they think of Faith Christian School – so, what’s in a name??  Three… Read More»

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