Interview: Dr. Nicole Hume, Science Department Chair

I recently had a chance to talk with long-term FCS staff member Nicole Hume about why she has chosen to keep teaching at Faith and to enroll her own children at Faith.

Q: Why do you teach at Faith Christian School?
A: If I didn’t believe it was the best educational choice, I’d be somewhere else. We were at [another school] tonight for a volleyball scrimmage. They beat us. In a beautiful auxiliary gym – not even the main gym. If my kids were somewhere else, they’d probably have a nicer place to play. I looked at the school map, they have classroom facilities we don’t have… nice big science rooms, and yet, I wouldn’t even think of putting my kids there because I really, really, really do believe FCS is the best place for them.

Q: Why is Faith Christian School the best place for your own children?
A: Because I care about more than space and programs and winning. I care about character and love for Jesus and living a life that honors Him. I don’t want my kids just trained to give “Sunday School answers” – I want them to really, really love Jesus and to really, really want to honor Him. I want teachers who aren’t satisfied with the job they’ve done with my kids unless they are seeing that in their lives.

Q: Please, tell me what you really, really want. I feel like you’re not telling me what you want for your children.
A: Ha! Next question.

Q: What do you love about teaching at Faith Christian School?
A: In my science class, we’ve had lots of “devotion” time together these last two weeks. I want them to see the superiority of a life lived for Christ and that our goal is that for them, I want to be able to say, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.”

Q: What do you want to tell parents thinking about enrolling their children at Faith Christian School?
A: I believe so much in what we are doing to prepare students to serve God with their life [Editor’s note:  Part of our mission is students that live effectively in God’s world] that I take it personally when parents decide on a school other than FCS. I’m not judging parents, but I’m so excited about what we’re doing here, I want every Christian parent to see that value and choose us for their child’s education.

Denny VautersDenny Vauters
Denny graduated from Faith Christian School in 2000 and returned in 2015 to work with admissions, alumni, and advancement. Denny and his wife, Alicia have one son Lincoln and are members at Faith Church.
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