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Thank You with Flowers

SERVE ’17 – Thank You

As our SERVE ’17 campaign ends, we want to take a moment to let you know where we stand. To date, over 520 individuals have responded to opportunity to invest in the lives of the children and families. That represents 97% of our staffing need. We are praising the Lord for His gracious provision!

hutchcraft sisters

Testimony: Amy & Ashley Hutchcraft

Amy and Ashley Hutchcraft are sisters who have served faithfully in Children’s Ministries for 6 years, even when God allowed them to go through the trial of cancer. They want to be a clear example of God’s faithfulness and share truth with children no matter what the challenges of life may bring. Check out their full video testimony!


Testimony: Lynn & Kathy Heusinger

Lynn and Kathy Heusinger are busy people. When they were asked to serve in our Children’s Ministries, they were reluctant, but agreed to meet a need. They have seen firsthand how choosing to store up treasures in heaven is more rewarding than living life according to their own plans. Check out their full testimony in the video below.

Nate Malcolm

Testimony: Nate Malcolm

Nate Malcolm came to Faith Church in search of “something more.” After accepting Christ as his Savior, Nate wanted to dive into serving; he chose to invest in our Children’s Ministries to share the same life-changing truth he had learned. Check out his full testimony below. Our SERVE ’17 campaign is ongoing, and we still… Read More»

Carrie G.

Testimony: Carrie Garriott

Carrie Garriott jumped into serving in Children’s Ministries as soon as she became a member because she saw a need. Carrie has made lasting relationships with the children as well as the other people she serves alongside. To hear her full testimony, see the video below. We still have opportunities available for you. We are… Read More»


Testimony: Brian & Amanda McQueen

Brian and Amanda McQueen spend a lot of time serving their children and other children in our community. They admit it would be easy to use their frequent time with children as an excuse for avoiding service in our Children’s Ministries. Check out the video below to see why they are choosing to serve anyway.

Amee Redden

Testimony: Amee Redden

Amee Redden is a busy wife and mom who has many things competing for her attention. With the business of life, Amee could’ve easily passed on serving in our Children’s Ministries. However, she believes that God wants her to invest her time in the lives of others. Watch the video below to see why. During… Read More»

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A Door for Effective Ministry

Providing excellent Children’s Ministries is an essential part of reaching families with the hope of Christ. This requires an army of faithful servants. We’re asking you to prayerfully consider how the Lord might enable you to take part in this effort. We hope that you’ll be part of our team.