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Navigationally Challenged

Have you ever missed a turn and you were so upset that you purposely ran over one of those big orange upside down garbage cans? I recently missed a couple turns in a construction zone on a long trip, and I was tempted to just obliterate one of those construction cones. Did I mention that I… Read More»

Balancing Life’s Demands

A friend of mine once wisely stated, “balance” is the most important word not found in the Bible. Of course, the concept of balance is taught in the Scriptures. In fact, many of the Bible’s great truths stand in tension with one another. For example, divine sovereignty and human free will are both taught. We… Read More»

Giving Jesus First Place in Everything!

In the previous post in this series, we focused on Paul’s prayer for the church (Col. 1:9-14); namely, a prayer for spiritual wisdom and discernment in order to understand God’s will.  Understanding God’s will was not simply for knowledge sake, but more importantly for the purpose of pleasing God with one’s life.  In addition, we… Read More»