Thanksgiving for Faith and Love

This is the first in a series of devotionals from the book of Colossians.  As you read these posts we hope that you will read Colossians multiple times; after all, nothing substitutes for actually reading the Bible.  Since, the posts will not be able to talk about everything in the passage, we trust that you… Read More»

Attempting a Paradigm Shift in Seminary Education

The Gospel Coalition recently asked a number of well known professors and scholars the question “What one thing would you change about seminary?” While each scholar offered his own thoughts, many of the answers spoke of the importance of the local church and the practical ministry experience that many seminarians fail to get during their… Read More»

Welcome to the FBC Blog

Let’s Chat One of the reasons we’re launching a blog is to have an opportunity to interact more with our members and friends. Many of us can interact with each other on Sundays and Wednesdays, and anyone can have small conversations with us on our Facebook page. For those who prefer micro-conversations, we’re even on… Read More»

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