The Beauty of Serving Jesus Together

A Great View My office window looks out over the south parking lot of our church.  Admittedly, that may not be quite as picturesque as a shimmering ocean or a towering mountain range.  But where I sit today, what I see is even more beautiful than anything nature has to offer. God’s People Serving Together… Read More»

Remaining Strong in Christ

I enjoy seeing a big tree; it is a picture of strength.  As you look up, you realize that there is an entire root system below that gives the tree stability despite its great size.  It is this root system that keeps this tree firm in the midst of wind, rain, hail, and snow. Our… Read More»

New Site Launched

Last night Faith Ministries launched the new site. is the first of Faith’s 10 sites to receive an upgrade; additional sites will come online in the following months. The New ‘Launchpad’ The original was intended to help people discover the various ministries of Faith, and provide a quick way for people to drill… Read More»

Knowing God Better – His Faithfulness

There’s a word, a characteristic, we don’t often think of when we talk about things like cars and busses, but this characteristic is actually the exact thing you ought to be looking for when picking out a vehicle because without this characteristic your vehicle won’t be worth much. It’s a characteristic that should be very important to us not only because it will keep us safe on cross-country trip but also, and more importantly, because it’s very important to God. In fact, it’s a word the Bible uses time and time again to describe the character of God, and it’s a word that God uses to describe what He’s looking for in us. The word is faithfulness.

Is Sex Outside of Marriage Acceptable?

A few weeks ago, I was asked to respond to a young lady who was looking for some biblical advice about her dating relationship.  There is a lot of discussion about this subject in Christian circles.  While there are some points on which good people can legitimately arrive at different conclusions, there are other points on… Read More»

Four results of right prayers

Earlier in our discussion of Colossians 1:9-14, we found the content of Paul’s prayer for the church in Colosse.  In short, we realize that Paul’s prayers were not simply about physical health, but more importantly, were about spiritual health. In Colossians 2:1-3 we find the heart behind those prayers.  Paul was not praying out of… Read More»

How should we choose our friends?

Have you chosen the right friends? Have you been the right kind of friend? Scripture is clear that the kind of company we keep can have a dramatic impact on our lives and on our ability to honor the Lord.  Here are three simple verses that speak to the significant influence friends can have on… Read More»

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