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What is True Beauty?

On January 23, our second daughter, Eden, entered the world after five short hours of labor. My husband, Nick, and I rejoiced over our sweet little baby and the blessing of being parents to two little girls. Nick is most definitely outnumbered by ladies in our home. As we enjoyed our newest bundle of joy,… Read More»


The IMAX Bible

One time I walked into the wrong movie theater, where the movie I had paid to watch was already halfway through. A sea battle was ensuing with swords clashing and cannons blasting in surround sound. The audience gasped as they watched their beloved characters struggle to survive. As for me, I sat with cold indifference…. Read More»


Lessons for the Church from Joe Paterno

Photo credit: Richard Paul Kane / I have been in Joe Paterno’s shoes many times. In case you have been off visiting another planet, the storied coach of Penn State’s football program agreed to retire at the end of the season amidst allegations that he should have done more when he received a report… Read More»

Two Reasons YouVersion Blew My Mind

YouVersion kinda blew my mind.  I heard about it because a few friends mentioned that they used it. I downloaded the app to my iPhone (YouVersion isn’t just an app for devices; you can use it on their web site too), but, I have to be honest–I am an apps junkie, so I tend to download more apps than I… Read More»

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