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Summer Servant Training — 2015

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the training or desire to review what was covered, we have posted the video below for your convenience. Enjoy! Other Training Videos that Might Interest You: Check-In & Check-Out Procedures Planning Your Class Time Using Our Sunday Curriculum Serving Effectively as a Class Assistant Other Helpful… Read More»


Why do I struggle to change?

The Inner Dilemma We Face Everyone has been at the place where they have realized “I really like this thing I’m doing…” and then also realized “…but it is not what is best for me”. This can be something really small, like enjoying soda, or it can be something with more long term dangers, like… Read More»


The Three Hardest Words To Say…Ever

You just trash-talked your fellow employee yesterday about how your football team was going to annihilate his.  Today, the score on ESPN and the sports page of the paper says otherwise.  You contemplate skipping work. . . .but instead, while on your way to work, you quickly develop the top five reasons for his team’s… Read More»

Is My Child Really Saved?

So, how do you know if your child is saved? How can you tell if their faith is real? Pastor Brian Croft of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky has addressed this question in a recent post on his blog Practical Shepherding. In this helpful post, Croft identifies some qualities that typically mark a genuine profession of faith on the part of a child. Check out some of the things we ought to be looking for.

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