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Taste the Nations — Let the Nations be Glad

[expand title=”What is it?” swaptitle=”What is it?” tag=”h2″ rel=”what-highlander” alt=”Click to toggle visibilty” trigclass=”noarrow” expanded=”true” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]Taste the Nations is a pair of studies that will take place at Faith this year. We will be studying Let the Nations be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions, by John Piper.[1] Watch the promotional video below… Read More»

Biblical Roles in missions, Part 7 – Responsibilities in Missions

Responsibilities of Missionary Candidate Missionary candidates and local churches both have responsibilities in the missionary process.  Missionary candidates should be careful to exercise the following.  1.      Candidates should have a deep conviction regarding the great commission, that God has commanded us to share the gospel with all people everywhere.  This conviction should be evidenced by… Read More»

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