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Christians ‘Most Persecuted’ Religious Group In World,’ says Expert

05/04/2012 United States (The Christian Post) – The head of a California-based evangelical religious liberty group stated Thursday that Christianity is presently the most persecuted religion on earth based on evidence gathered. Dr. Carl Moeller told The Christian Post at an event on rising religious intolerance abroad that Christians are “the most persecuted in the… Read More»

EBM Closes Doors … FGM Steps Up

Evangelical Baptist Missions is closing its doors on Sep. 2, 2011.  Faith Global Ministries, a ministry of Faith Church is ramping up to accept transfer missionaries.  Faith Global Ministries, LLC (FGM), a ministry of Faith Church, was organized in the State of Indiana August 5, 2005 for the primary purpose of recruiting, preparing, sending and… Read More»

Increase of Robberies in Lusaka

If you were a missionary in Democratic Republic of Congo who travels through Zambia to Republic of South Africa as Seth and Darla Curtis do, this is the kind of embassy updates you would be concerned with. Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the number of robberies committed in the Lusaka area against… Read More»

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