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10 Ways to Connect with the Biblical Counseling Community

by Dr. Bob Kellemen, RPM Ministries I’ve shared several posts the past few weeks about the Biblical Counseling Coalition because there are so many exciting new developments. Here’s a summary of ten ways the Biblical Counseling Coalition is fulfilling its mission to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement by making it easier for you to connect and collaborate with the biblical… Read More»

Importance of an Attorney

We believe that each counseling ministry (or ministry period) should have an attorney on retainer.  It is virtually impossible to think of and train your staff for every possible situation.  Instead, it is vital to have a wise and trusted attorney that can help guide you when you face difficult circumstances.  Since laws between states… Read More»

Policy for Child Abuse

Another important component of legal due-diligence is ensuring that your ministry understands the state statutes especially related to the protection of children.  In Indiana, there is a very generous counselor-counselee protection policy in the state statute.  For example, as a general rule one does not need to report even criminal behavior unless that person indicates that… Read More»

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