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Scott AllisonScott is a pastoral intern at Faith Church. He and his wife Courtney work in Children's Ministries at the church.

Two Reasons Not to Pray

Recently, I heard something from a seasoned Christian that surprised me, yet made total sense. He said that, of all his years as a Christian, the one area of his walk with God that has consistently been the greatest struggle is prayer. It made sense to me because prayer is an area that I struggle… Read More»


Building Kid-Sized Theology

Every other month I do this thing called “Ask the Pastor.” Kids have the opportunity to write down questions about the Bible, and I do my best to point them to the Bible’s answers. Every month, some of the same fundamental questions pop up. Years ago, kids would have memorized the answers to some of these questions as their family and church taught them a catechism. Is it time to give catechism another look?


God’s Mail

Recently, a mailman in Lafayette delivered a letter to our church that had been addressed to God. A letter like that demands some kind of response when it comes across your desk, doesn’t it? But how do you respond to something like that?

The Hunger Games: Helping Your Child Discern

If you haven’t heard of the new Hunger Games movie, you’ve probably been on a desert island for the last few weeks. It’s the latest Hollywood hit; the newest junior-high buzz; and parents’ most recent hurdle. Considering the theme of the movie—a sort of giant, teenage gladiatorial battle—it shouldn’t be surprising that even non-Christian parents are raising a cry of concern on the web. Help your child develop discernment in making entertainment choices and in responding to the choices of others.


Teaching the Torah to Tots

Our church uses a Sunday-school curriculum that works its way chronologically through the Bible in three years.  There are tremendous positives to this approach. There are also some challenges. Like this one:  you’re flipping through your teacher book, and you discover that you’re coming up on the book of Leviticus.  Agh!  Choke!  Gag!  REALLY? How… Read More»

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