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Rich and Ryan GilmanRich and Ryan Gilman operate Gilman Brothers Personal Training at Faith Community Center. The Gilmans earned their personal training certifications through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association in 2004 and Bachelor of Science degrees in Recreational Sports Management from Indiana University in 2005.

Lifestyle Revolution!

Ready to put on that winter layer of fat? We’re quickly approaching the holiday “eating” season: High-calorie tailgate parties. (Football’s a holiday, right?) Thanksgiving dinner. (At how many different places?) Christmas parties, food gifts, and dinners. (At how many different places?) And then, to deal with that winter layer of fat you’ve worked so hard… Read More»

Stoke Your Workout

On workout days, proper diet and adequate hydration are critical. Combining a difficult workout with poor caloric intake in the hopes of losing weight sets you up for dizziness, fainting and sometimes nausea. Bad idea! Here’s what we tell our clients: Before your workout you must eat complex carbs that provide ready fuel for energy…. Read More»

Build Muscle

Muscle is a calorie-consuming machine. Developing lean muscle significantly increases your energy expenditure. Cardiovascular exercise does burn calories while you’re performing it, and for a few hours after. But resistance training significantly increases your energy expenditure for a longer period of time. We recommend that you devote the majority of your workouts to working hard… Read More»

Max Your Cardio

A lot of people are confused about what “cardio” really means, so here’s a definition: Cardio is an activity that increases your exercising heart rate for a targeted length of time. Your heart pumps faster, but not all heart-pumping activities are cardio because they are not sustained over a period of time. Fitness walking, running,… Read More»

‘Toning’ Is a Myth!

Myth: Women should either not do resistance training, or go for higher reps of a lighter weight so they tone instead of building bulky muscles. Fact: Both men and women should vary light/heavy weight exercises and rep ranges to maximize muscle strength, mass and endurance. Because the average woman lacks the level of testosterone that… Read More»

We’re Not Meatheads!

We don’t throw weights around or grunt or strut around in spandex. We’re just a couple of personal trainers, twins actually, who are committed to improving lives through exercise and healthy choices. Proof of that? The folks who carve out new bodies and lifestyles with the Gilman Brothers Personal Training approach to balanced fitness: Strength… Read More»

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