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Mark ShawMark Shaw has 22 years of counseling experience working in a variety of settings including faith-based residential programs, dealing with issues surrounding “addictions” of all types, and supervising staff positions. His experience in the biblical counseling field began in 2001. He has written 14 published works including The Heart of Addiction; Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies; Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts; Addiction-Proof Parenting; and Hope and Help for Self-Injurers/Cutters. He also co-authored a chapter in Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling (2013).

God With Us

One of my favorite names for our Lord is Immanuel which means “God With Us.” We have a God Who desires to be with us – not distant, not detached. He wants us to know Him and has given us His Word so that we might know His character and trust Him. Jesus walked the… Read More»


Dominican Republic Serving Opportunity

One new initiative we are working to achieve this year is to send 2 interns who have completed their one year commitment with Vision of Hope to serve in the Dominican Republic at an orphanage called Fundacion Red de Misericordia (Mercy Network Foundation). The ideal candidate is one who loves children, is willing to learn… Read More»


Counseling Girls with Unresponsive Parents

In the biblical culture of the Hebrews, young women were ideally provided with oversight by their parents until her wedding day when that oversight was transferred to her husband. It was a culture that emphasized both the God-given responsibilities of the parents and the child alike: parents to lead by teaching the Word of God… Read More»


Personal Application of Proverbs 23

From time to time, I like to ask the residents to take a passage of Scripture and to internalize and personalize it. We had an anonymous volunteer do so and allow me to post this blog of what she wrote regarding Proverbs 23:29-35. Why me? My life is terrible. Why do people pick on me?… Read More»

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Serving Orphans in the Dominican Republic

A team of 15 from 3 partnering churches traveled to Santiago, Dominican Republic, to serve in an orphanage housing 80 children from newborns to 17 year olds. Our primary purpose was to train nearly 40 staff members in biblical counseling principles with role plays, common communication and conflict scenarios, Q&A, and hands-on training. Three staff… Read More»

star wars

Star Wars 7 Awakens “Yearning”

When is the last time that you have used the word ‘yearn’ in a sentence? Probably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Our culture yearns very little. Maybe we like it that way. Maybe we don’t want to yearn anymore. Quite likely, it won’t be long until we delete that word… Read More»


Look Beneath the Surface: Human Trafficking

I recently watched an eye opening video called Look Beneath the Surface on the topic of human trafficking that helps us see how brutal this industry truly is. Did you know we have more people enslaved to human trafficking now than at any other time in the history of the world? It is a huge industry. Please… Read More»

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