December 6: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Christian Preschool West

We enrolled two new students this week!
– Janet Carney, Faith Christian Preschool West Director

Vision of Hope

We learned that one of our resident’s close relatives came to know the Lord and to trust in Christ alone for eternal life. The relative has been visiting Faith Church with the resident.
– Mark Shaw, VOH Executive Director

Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School celebrated our annual Pastor Appreciation Breakfast last Wednesday as we welcomed nearly 50 pastors to our school.  We were strengthened and encouraged by a wonderful spirit of fellowship and partnership.  Several of our school committee members encouraged the pastors to pray and support Faith Christian School.  The following is a snippet from one of the committee member’s testimony:

I have two boys in high school here and I have two kids that have graduated from FCS; one went on to graduate from Purdue and the other is a sophomore at USI. My kids have grown up in Christian education, and we have greatly appreciated the input and support from the faculty, staff, administration and coaches over the years. Each of my kids has had some favorite teachers, and coaches, that have had a very positive impact on their lives. My wife and I have felt like the values and priorities and relationships we tried to establish at home are really reinforced and encouraged here at school, in the context of getting a solid education with a Biblical world view. It is hard to analytically measure in a GPA the impact that this environment has on kids, but it does show up in their character, and in their ongoing relationship with the Lord, and in the friendships that they make here.

The opportunity to continue to support families in Christian education has many lifelong benefits and I’m thankful for the chance to partner with parents to help their young people live effectively in God’s world.
– Scott Grass, FCS Superintendent