November 1: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Christian School

Our boys’ varsity soccer team enjoyed a wonderful year as they advanced to the regional finals this year.  The team not only enjoyed success on the field but maintained and promoted a Christ-like testimony during the games and in the local media.  We are thankful for the opportunities that provide our young people to live effectively in God’s world.
– Scott Grass, FCS Superintendent

Faith West Fitness

Friday morning as I met with the Harrison Group at Faith West, I was assigned to personally train one of the students. He and I found a common bond in our love of sports and talked the whole half-hour about who he follows (I couldn’t keep up with his stats!) and if his family goes to church. He says his family doesn’t go too often but he enjoys church, so I’m going to try to find a way to get him here some Sunday. The aids asked me afterwards how I got him to talk so much, because he is usually silent. Praise be to God for the great sport of football and this cool opportunity to interact with high school community members!
– Stefan Nitzschke, Faith Church Intern