The Mark (Summer 2015)

Eagle Fair

by Scott Grass

Pic 1One of our school’s signature events has become our spring Eagle Fair.  Eagle Fair is a community-wide event that features family friendly activities, great food, a 5K Run, and live music.  This year we served about 2,500 community guests.  Eagle Fair requires a willing group of dedicated student leaders to organize the event, along with the entire high school student body and parent volunteers to accomplish the mission of the event.

Pic 2In 2004, our school started a spring fundraiser called Eagle Fit. We asked all students to approach individuals to contribute, and our rallying cry was, “Students Helping Students” as all of the proceeds brought in by our students went directly to our Student Tuition Assistance Fund. Overall, this event was a tremendous success, especially in our elementary school as the younger students had a distinct “cuteness” advantage over the high school students. The following year we determined to follow up Eagle Fit with year two. During the competition, the school administration was approached by two of our seniors, Luke Helmer and Rebecca Thomas, who maintained that while they were cool with supporting the school, having high school students approach adults for money was a little awkward and ineffective. These two seniors implored the administration to consider hosting a County Fair type event and have the proceeds continue to go to the Student Tuition Assistance Fund continuing the focus and mission of students helping students.

Pic 3May 8, 2015 served as the 10th Eagle Fair! Over the past nine years, the Lord has allowed our students to raise over $100,000 that has gone to provide families and students the wonderful opportunity to attend Faith Christian School.  This year, we had a fish fry, smoked pulled pork, smoothies, laser tag, hay rides, a 5K run with close to 150 runners, a new Kid-K run with over 120 kids, and a lot of fun games and activities for all ages.  On May 9, we held our 2nd Annual Eagle Ride with about 18 riders along with our Eagle Car Wash at several locations in our community. The Lord held off the storms and gave us a beautiful weekend to serve our community and successfully meet our financial and program goals.  We look forward to the planning for next year as we continue to find new ways to carry on our mission of serving the community and helping students and families.

Fine Arts

by Nate Jones

During the fourth quarter, the students at Faith had great opportunities to minister to those in their churches and community. Our four choirs and three bands participated in the ISSMA music festival, and received six gold ratings and one silver rating. The sixth grade choir in particular had the opportunity to minister to the Caleb’s Kin ministry at Faith Church, and sing the songs that they presented at ISSMA competition.

The Faith Ministry Team also was able to minister effectively and often this semester. They performed for seniors at the Hanna Community center, as well as singing for Caleb’s Kin, Vision of Hope, and area churches. FCS loves to provide our students with opportunities to serve others through music.

Check out our school program performances on the FCS livestream page.

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5th Grade Focus

by Kristen Montgomery

Fifth graders recently took a field trip to JABizTown to learn about economics, checking and savings accounts, loans, business expenses, soft skills, check writing, and advertising.

During the day of the simulation field trip, students worked as CEOs, CFOs, mail couriers, reporters, bank tellers, technicians, nurses, town marshals, and ad executives. Each student had a specific list of duties that involved writing checks, paying bills, running errands, and collaborating up with other businesses. Students had rotations of work and breaks. During their breaks, students were encouraged to spend their paychecks at other businesses to increase the circular flow of the economy. Each business worked hard to get customers so that it could pay off its business loan.

Students learned many valuable lessons at JABizTown. Abbey Bolt explained, “JABizTown was amazing. It taught us to be responsible with our money. It also taught us how to write checks and do check registers.” Eli Pendley stated, “I liked how we got to learn how adults worked. I liked how you have friends constantly around you to help you. There was definitely a lot of interdependence.” Our fifth graders will never forget JABizTown’s life lessons about economics, teamwork, responsibility, and citizenship.

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by Tom Bennett

Pic 8What has been special this year?

  • During one of our girls’ basketball games, a fan from a visiting school came and told me how much they appreciated our girls, coaches, and fans. He continued to say that he wished they lived closer so his daughter could attend Faith Christian School.
  • A mom from another school was so moved by our student led prayer at the end of our sectional boys’ game, she posted on our Facebook page a very complimentary message about what a powerful testimony it was to her, her son, and nephew as well as everyone in the gym that night.
  • I also received a message from a local athletic director thanking me for some of our students staying after the girls’ sectional game and helping that school’s janitorial staff clean the gym.

These are just some of the reasons that I am blessed to be the Athletic Director at Faith Christian School.

Find out more about Athletics at Faith Christian School.

Staff Testimony

by Bridget McNamara

Pic 9I was taught at a young age through my parents, church, and school that I was a sinner and could only be saved through the grace of Jesus Christ.  The summer before I went into 5th grade I attended a Christian summer camp.  During that week, I began to realize and understand that I wasn’t saved just because of my parents, school, or church.  I saw other students accepting Christ and knew that was what I was missing.  Several weeks later, I was sitting in my home church, where the pastor was speaking about the Gospel and our need for a Savior.  It was at that time that I finally recognized my need for a Savior and accepted Christ as Lord of my life.  I have been absolutely blessed to have been raised in a church, surrounded by believers, and have many fellow believers encourage me in my walk with Christ throughout my life.

Elementary Overview

by Jonathan Lambeth

Springtime always brings an exciting new “atmosphere” to the elementary school and for reasons beyond just “more outdoor recess!” Along with continuing emphasis on academic standards, classes incorporated specialized projects to keep the learning objectives fun and relevant. These include Animal Habitats (2nd grade), the Wax Museum (3rd grade history) and the 5th grade Invention Convention. These projects, as well as trips to the local fire station, Indianapolis Zoo, or the Indiana State House and Museum, provided some great lessons and memories for students.

We also engaged in quite a bit of assessment this spring, as well, in grades K-8. Once again, all FCS 3rd graders passed the IREAD test! Also, FCS received an A-Grade and Four-Star rating from the Department of Education based upon last spring’s ISTEP, ECA, and graduation results.

During Eagle Fit, elementary students raised $24,000 to fund need-based scholarships for FCS students. What an accomplishment! We also enjoyed getting active and learning about physical fitness and spiritual health.

Though we’ve had to say good-bye for now, we are thankful for God’s strength and grace this year in “Running the Race!” With our hope in Christ, we’ll have a fruitful and joyful summer.

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MS/HS Overview

by Lynn Heusinger

April and May seem to be a time of assessment in many schools across the nation, and Faith is no exception as we finish our ISTEPs, ECAs, and AP exams. If all goes well, these assessments are a good opportunity to see what our students have learned, where we are successful, and where we can improve.

This past year we were blessed to receive both an A rating and a four star rating by the state of Indiana. Recently, we were also assessed in a more personal way when one parent whose children visited Faith for a shadow day wrote, “Your staff and the students at Faith welcomed them so openly, that each one of my children said they had met people who they knew they would end up being good friends with.” We thank the Lord for ratings like these which are the result of our partnership with a dedicated group of parents and who give their lives to help train and equip their children to live effectively in God’s World.

FCS Eagle Scramble

by Aaron Patton

Pic 12Since 1997, the Faith Christian School Eagle Scramble golf outing has raised over $210,000 in tuition assistance for students to attend FCS. We’ve been blessed by many caring supporters over the past eighteen years, both golfers and sponsors! This year our Eagle Scramble is scheduled on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Battle Ground Golf Club, Battle Ground, IN. You can register online for this event.

Both golfer and sponsor registration is available online. On the day of the event, check-in will begin at 12:30 pm with golfing at 2:00 pm and a short dinner following.

Pic 13This is another great opportunity to support the school and its ministry.

If you have any questions about golfing in this event or you would like to help support us through volunteering, please contact Aaron Patton (765) 414-5131. If you would like to know more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Dave Jones (765) 412-6966.

Senior Testimony

by Natalie Zickmund

Pic 14When I started Faith my freshmen year I had little idea of where I wanted to go to college and what career I wanted to purse. Throughout High School I faced many trials and situations who changed who I am. I slowly came to the realization that Christ is the only thing that can satisfy my life. I knew that I wanted to purse the life that God had planned for me. Through opportunities I had at school and church I learned my strengths and weaknesses and the gifts that God has given me. I asked God to show me what career He has for my life and He filled me with a greater passion than I’ve ever experienced before. He showed me that I have a passion for children, especially for children in need. He showed me that by being a Social Worker I will have the opportunity to significantly change a child’s life and will be able to love them the way that God does. Next year I will be attending Indiana University – Purdue University in Indianapolis to study Social work. After receiving my associates degree I hope to get a masters in Family Law.

While graduating from High School brings many changes and new challenges I am looking forward to what God has planned for me next. I am very thankful for the work that He has done in my life and the growth I have experienced these past four years. I have learned many life lessons while attending Faith Christian School and I feel confident to move on knowing that Christ is the center of my life.

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Scott Grass
Scott Grass is the administrator of Faith Christian School. He has been involved with Faith Christian School since it began in 1997. He and his wife, Debbie, have been active members of Faith Church since 1990. Scott also serves as a deacon and an ABF teacher.