As a member of Senior Council

What’s your opinion? We all have opinions on certain topics, which usually come with a significant amount of emotions. Our opinions influence our emotions which impact our behavior. So, what does this have to do with being a student leader?

As a member of the Senior Council, I am learning to recognize that while I have my own opinion to contribute, as a group our goal is to unify our desires and to meet the common goal of serving and leading the student body. As a student leader, I am learning that my opinion is not the only opinion that matters. It is always important to discuss each person’s point of view before coming to a census.

For me, being student body president is a distinct honor. Currently, Faith conducts the selection process for president during the fall senior retreat. The idea of serving alongside my peers is humbling, and yet very exciting. The class of 2018 has always been a cohesive class with a great sense of community. I can honestly say that I am learning how to incorporate thoughts and opinions into our school’s plans while collaborating with the administration for mutually agreed upon direction.

I have seen myself act as a “lobbyist” for a decision on a project while also learning to give-and-take on the goals that are worth pursuing. Mr. Grass and Mr. Heusinger are always open to hearing an opinion on a matter that impacts the student body and takes steps to improve the life at Faith.

I have also had the privilege of participating in the Faith Leadership Academy this year.  This has been an incredible opportunity and experience for me. I see how business leaders have used their thought and ideas to formulate many successful organizations. I get also see how to lead by serving and listening, not merely directing. I look forward to being a better leader because of the experience I am getting from these seasoned leaders.

So, yes, opinions do matter, but also those opinions must be developed within a framework of a sense of belonging and community. My opinions are my own, but my opinions help lead and influence the direction of any group that I participate in. My desire is to allow my opinions to be based on God’s word, to be under the discernment of administration, and ultimately to allow them to influence my leadership decisions and to better our student body and build a stronger community.

I am incredibly thankful for all the leadership opportunities I have received over the past few years attending Faith. I am especially thankful for the experiences I have had already my senior year that has helped me grow in so many ways as I learn how to be a Christ-like leader. As I look forward to the future, I know God will allow me to encounter many more leadership roles. The skills I have learned my senior year will transfer past high school to help me become a better leader and disciple of Christ.

-Cole Allgood

AvatarDawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.