A Parent’s Perspective

Recently, a current parent of FCS students shared this on his personal Facebook page, and it resonated with us so much that we asked if we could share it more publicly. Steve’s words here are helpful for a few reasons:

  1. He has a wonderful perspective on God’s timing, provision, care for His children.
  2. He has a wonderful perspective on what we mean when we talk about “partnering” with parents. We are here to come alongside and assist parents in their God-given role of parenting.
  3. He has a wonderful perspective on the spiritual foundation we are working to instill in all of our students from preschool – 12th grade.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your heart. Steve’s testimony is about our great God, and the impact FCS has had on he and his children.

“The sovereign will of God and proof of Romans 8:28 were shown yesterday. As you may have read, Gavin Roswarski received an amazing scholarship to attend Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. And I am so proud of the man you have become. My first thought last night should have been about GOD and that this huge blessing comes out of God’s great love for us in working all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to His purpose. This is what I long for in my children, that their first thought be about God and His plan. The truth of the situation is that Gavin and all the kids are on a great walk with God due largely to their enrollment at Faith Christian School. The honest truth for me to swallow is that our kids would not be at Faith if God had not brought my wife, Nicole Lynn into my life and into the lives of our children. She spoke the truth to me years ago saying how much she valued a Christian education. All of our children are who they are today largely due to the daily influence, guidance and love they have received from the woman God has chosen to be their mother here on earth. God has taken this family out of the ashes and redeemed it and glorified Himself. This path for Gavin is a testimony to God’s perfect plan for all of us despite the trials of life. Praising God today for His care for our family, and for my amazing wife Nicole and my amazing children, all eight of them. Finally, if you have never considered Faith Christian School or another Christian school, why not find out more about these great schools?” -Steve Roswarski

Denny Vauters