Friendship Banquet

By Noelle Haynie

Connecting the Past to the Future

“Considering my past with trying to get out of serving at this very banquet in years past, I find it highly ironic that I stand before you today speaking,” said Luke Fausett. Friday night was one to remember, filled with laughter, worship, and celebration. This year’s annual Friendship Banquet connected the past with the future, as several alumni spoke of FCS’s impact on them as students and as Mr. Grass unveiled the school’s 5-year plan.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers Luke Fausett (Class of 2008) and Bob Martin (Class of 2002) each spoke of the ways God used FCS to guide them as teens and how that strong foundation continues to influence them each today. Each of their parents shared why they chose FCS for their children. Even as Luke admitted to having an imperfect past (as all of us have), he clearly showed how caring faculty and upperclassmen helped him start his journey of becoming more like Christ. Now serving in ministry, both Bob and Luke expressed how central FCS was in their journeys.

Personal Testimony

From the Faith Ministry Alumni that sang to the various testimonies to the many attendees and supporters, the whole evening proclaimed a clear message: Faith Christian School is an incredible place. Through the years, hundreds of kids have walked through these doors, and hundreds have left having been influenced for the better. As an alumna myself, I can attest to how much FCS helped shaped my worldview and cultured in me a heart to serve. And now, being a teacher here, I see on an even deeper level how much my coworkers invest in their students. I am tremendously blessed not only to have been poured into as a high school student, but also now to be able to minister alongside those same teachers that so greatly impacted me. All glory to God—He is so good!

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.