Having the Faith Needed to Change

This year at Faith West we are studying the books of Joshua and Judges in a series called, Everyone Did Right in Their Own Eyes.  It is going to be incredible to see the contrast between a leader like Joshua who was faithful to the Lord and the people who were seeking their own desires.  It is our hope that by giving you the basic outline of the lesson you can follow up with your teens to see what they have learned and to help them apply those truths in their life.

Joshua 2


So last week we saw that Joshua took over the leadership of the nation of Israel and right away he stepped up and started leading the nation to follow God.  He relied on the promises of God, the presence of God and the Word of God to help him take the leadership in a tough situation.


Today we will look at one of the incredible stories of a changed life being used for God’s glory.

            Jericho is one of the ancient cities that archaeologists have spent a lot of time excavating.  The city was about 8 acres that had an inner wall and an outer wall.  The inner wall was 12 feet thick and the outer wall was 6 feet thick.  The walls were about 30 feet high and were so thick that there were houses built right on the walls.  This city was almost impenetrable.  We know that there were a great number of people who lived in this city but we only know the name of one, RAHAB.


I.          Joshua Sent the Spies. (1-7)

A.        Verse 1 specifies that Joshua sent them in secret.

1.         Obviously a spy was sent in secret.  This may be because Joshua was                                        a part of 12 spies that went and saw the Promised Land and brought                                        back a bad report that caused all the people to worry and fear.

B.        They stayed at the house of Rahab

1.         We are told in this verse that Rahab was a Prostitute.

2.         It was very common that a prostitute would operate an inn.

3.         The men went to stay at the inn.

C.        In verse 2 we find out that the king knew that the spies were in the city.

D.        The king knew that the men were staying at her house

E.         Rahab did not bother arguing about whether or not the men came so she said yes but they left and you better go get them.

1.         This was a lie.

2.         She was at this moment showing her allegiance was with the spies and their kingdom as opposed to Jericho.

F.         She told the soldiers that they had left the city which would allow her some time because the soldiers would head out of the city.

G.        She took the spies up on the roof of her house and had them hide under the stalks of folk

H.        The soldiers pursued them out of the city and the gate was closed behind the soldiers (this would have trapped the spies in the city).

I.          What risks did Rahab take with protecting the spies in verses 1-7?


II.        Rahab Expresses Her Faith in the Lord God (8-11)

A.        Rahab came up to the roof and started talking about all that she knew about the Lord God.

B.        She went through all the history of the Israelites.

1.         She knew that God had given this land to the people of Israel

2.         She knew that the terror of the Lord was spreading in their land.  This was predicted in Exodus 15:15-16.

3.         She knew about the Red Sea drying up before them (Exodus 14:21-31)

4.         She knew about the way they destroyed the land of the Amorites (Numbers 21:21-35)

5.         The people of Jericho were scared and their hearts melted and their courage did not remain any longer.

6.         “For the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.’ (11)

7.         So Rahab knew all of the things that God had done and when the time came for her to decide where her faith was she decided to have faith that God’s side was the right side to fall on.                        8.            How did Rahab’s risk-taking relate to her faith?

9.         What risks does your faith require you to take?


III.       The Plan is Made for Rahab’s Rescue (12-24)

A.        After rahab reveals her faith in God she asks for them to spare her and her family.

B.        The spies agree to spare her if she will not turn them after they leave.  The spies wanted her whole family to remain silent.

C.        She crafted a plan to get the spies safely back to the Israelites.

D.        The spies told three conditions she had to carry out in order to be saved when they attacked the city.

1.         A Scarlet bow in her window (reminds me of the Passover Symbol)

2.         Your whole family must remain in your house.

3.         The covenant must be kept a secret.

H.        Missionary Jim Elliot said this, “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”  How would this statement relate to Rahab?

I.          How should it relate to you?

J.          The spies returned to camp safely with news that things were in their hands and the inhabitants were afraid of God.


IV.       Application

A.        Summarize all the actions Rahab took as a result of her faith.

B.        Why must a genuine faith express itself in actions?

C.        What actions have you taken recently as a result of your faith in Christ?

D.        How can your faith have a positive effect on both Christians and non-Christians?

Johnny Kjaer
Johnny is married to Tori. They have 4 children Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti and Hroarr. He has been a part of the youth ministry at Faith since his internship began in 2010. He served as the Pastor of Student Ministries from 2013-2023 and now serves as the Pastor of Faith East Community Ministries. Johnny is an ACBC certified counselor. He also serves the church by directing the Lafayette Living Nativity.