God is Victorious

This year at Faith West we are studying the books of Joshua and Judges in a series called, Everyone Did Right in Their Own Eyes.  It is going to be incredible to see the contrast between a leader like Joshua who was faithful to the Lord and the people who were seeking their own desires.  It is our hope that by giving you the basic outline of the lesson you can follow up with your teens to see what they have learned and to help them apply those truths in their life.

 Joshua 5:13-6

1. Victory only comes from the LORD 5:13-6:5

a. Circumcision of the men in enemy territory

i. He’s testing their FAITH

1. They walked around for 40 years as God tested their faith

2. This is a strategically foolish move

3. The river is behind them

4. Their men are handicapped for at least 3 days

ii. Joshua is confronted by the Angel of the Lord

1. Walking along thinking about what to do

2. Looks up and sees man with a drawn sword

a. First off how terrifying

b. Joshua shows he is a Man of Faith and completely trusts in God’s provision

c. He’s at a disadvantage

d. Asks “are you with us or against us”

e. Trusts God will provide

f. Man replies

g. Joshua falls on his face immediately in submission

b. God’s reassurance of Victory

i. Absurdity of how to conquer Jericho

1. These people are to walk around TIGHTLY SHUT city

2. Jericho knew they were coming

3. They also knew that their God gave them the land

4. Jericho’s ready for a fight

ii. They have the river to their back

1. They haven’t been in this land

2. They don’t know where to get food

3. No home base except for a camp

iii. God’s instruction

1. Walk around it for a week

2. Be quiet and don’t utter a word

3. On the 7th day I’ll knock the walls off the place


Discuss: What does God tell you to do that seem absurd at times?


2. Overcoming the enemy by Faith

a. Joshua immediately follows God’s command

i. He calls the priests

ii. They carry the ark

iii. The people march around Jericho

1. Jericho

a. Watching diligently

b. Well-Fortified (2 walls the outer wall was 6 feet thick, the inner wall 12 feet                             thick)

c. They know of the people outside

2. Israel

a. All day they marched

b. The city is shut tight

c. The only way to get in is from force

d. And they are walking in circles in silence


Discuss: What do you think was going through the Hebrew people’s minds?


Discuss: What do you think it was like being inside Jericho?


b. It’s tense

i. Everyone is ready for action

ii. It’s been silent

iii. It’s been the same thing every day for a week

iv. A fight has been brewing

c. Joshua doesn’t add to the plan

i. There is no plan B

ii. There are no attempts to make God’s plan better

iii. If God doesn’t do something they are completely lost

d. Then Joshua tells them to let loose

i. Shout for the LORD has given you the city

ii. The walls fell down

1. Outer wall 6ft thick

2. Inner wall 12ft thick

3. It all hit the ground

iii. Then there is chaos as God destroys the city


3. When the victory is won, don’t forget where it came from.

a. A ban is placed on getting any spoils

i. Everything is to be burned and destroyed

ii. Only Rahab and her family are spared

b. Treasure goes to God’s treasury

i. Don’t take what is God’s

ii. Future repercussions

c. God is in control

i. The absurdity of circumstances

ii. Weak people

iii. Insane fighting tactics

d. Do you live that way?

i. When God says to do something absurd

ii. When it seems stupid

iii. When you can’t see the outcome

iv. When you know better

e. Rahab

i. Are you like Rahab?

ii. When the walls of your life fall do you still trust God?

iii. Do you live life pressured by your peers?

iv. God lived up to His end of the deal even for a prostitute’s family.

v. When it came down to it Rahab trusted in God and her faith in God was what             protected her.



Johnny Kjaer
Johnny is married to Tori. They have 4 children Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti and Hroarr. He has been a part of the youth ministry at Faith since his internship began in 2010. He served as the Pastor of Student Ministries from 2013-2023 and now serves as the Pastor of Faith East Community Ministries. Johnny is an ACBC certified counselor. He also serves the church by directing the Lafayette Living Nativity.