3…2…1… Faith’s Scoreboard is Done!

As you drive by the parking lot and look out at the baseball and soccer field, you’ll notice a giant score board with “Faith ministries” and our Eagle mascot emblazoned across the top. Many of you who have watched a baseball game at Faith, know that it was always difficult to see the scoreboard that was mounted on the backstop. In fact, the person who ran the scoreboard in the upstairs athletic booth had to rely on the fans to tell him whether the information he put on the board was correct.


A couple of years ago several folks had a vision for a new multi-sport scoreboard, centrally positioned, so that everyone could see it.  Not only would it be used for baseball during the spring, but it would somehow move to face the soccer field during the fall. Girtz Industries donated its time and resources to make that vision a reality by engineering and constructing a pole that would swivel to face either field and still be able to adequately support the scoreboard during inclement weather.  It took eighteen of our staff members and students to lift the 1000 pound pole off the flatbed and onto the ground when it was delivered to the field.


With a number of parents’ financial commitments, the scoreboard was purchased.  Several athletes and adults helped dig the large hole for the foundation; then, one of our skilled parents labored to make sure the concrete and rebar necessary for the foundation were installed correctly. Later, Brand Electric would donate time, material, and labor to run an underground electrical wire all the way out to the foundation. They would follow this up by procuring a large lift to erect the pole and mount the scoreboard securely to its supports.  Our athletic director, Tom Bennett, oversaw the project on the ground from start to finish, and the board was put into use for a Thursday night varsity boys’ soccer game against Twin Lakes.

God’s Blessings

This is just one example of how God has used so many people behind the scenes to bless our athletic program. If you have kept up with the Journal Courier recently, you have seen that our school has been blessed with a lot of wonderful publicity as a result of our “Faith: on the field and off”. We thank the Lord for the spotlight, and at the same time, we are humbled by the reminder of the responsibility we have to “let our light shine” for the Lord. By God’s grace, we will always keep that mission as our highest priority in our athletics as well as our school.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.