Baseball Season

by Luke Peter

picture 1Pre-Season

The upcoming baseball season is looking to be a very promising one. With long-time experienced coach  Tom Bennett  returning with the help of assistant coaches Rick Bennett, Rocky Argo, and Matt Chandler, the team is under the best of hands. Also, the  team has older leadership from players in the form of two seniors Vernon Ford and Sam Ewing, along with two experienced juniors Brennan Argo and Derrick Grass.

Veterans and Rookies

The older players and ready coaches are hoping to get everyone on board for the upcoming season. If they are successful, this should be a great year for the varsity squad. Also, a strong point this year is the incoming rookies. With freshman Alec Argo, Braxton Prather, Nick Borga, Luke Peter, and Andrew Schumm, the team is looking to have contributions from their freshman.

picture 2Expectations

This team has high hopes for a winning season at FCS. Coach Bennett is excited about all of the committed people that are looking to succeed in propelling the baseball program forward. The team entered the IHSAA only one or two years ago, but already has their sights high for a sectional championship. The players and coaches are ready to begin a long reaching impact on baseball at FCS.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.