Fall Sports

We have been blessed to have some wonderful young men and women
represent Faith Christian School and the Lord Jesus Christ this fall on the
court or field. Here is a brief snapshot of the season from the coach or
player’s perspective.

Varsity Boys Soccer

The 2011 season was a tremendous season for the Faith Varsity Soccer team. The team’s final record was 10-5-1 with four of the losses coming by only one point. The season had several ups and downs as players struggled with injuries, with teamwork, and with consistency. Throughout some of the struggles, the guys learned some extremely valuable lessons including the importance of unity as a team, the necessity of hard work on and off the field, and that representing Christ is more important than winning. A string of losses during the middle of the season caused many on the team to doubt the team and themselves; but thanks to good leadership from many of the seniors and others on the team, the team was able to regain its focus and come out even stronger by the end of the season. The team finished out its season with consecutive wins against a very tough Western Boone team and against Covington High school. These victories clinched the Covington Invitational championship. Coach Johns states that he will fondly remember all of his seniors from this season and is also very proud of his guys for the great testimony  they displayed throughout the second half of the season. The team would like to thank all the parents and fans that gave them great support throughout the year. – Kevin Johns (Varsity Coach)

Varsity Girls Soccer

“Love never fails.” This familiar verse from 1 Corinthians 13 was the theme for the 2011 FCS girls’ varsity soccer team. This season we learned about really loving our team and sacrificing comfort and energy in order to play to the best of ourspecific abilities. Coach Nekvasil and Debbie Ussery encouraged us to put aside our own selfish desires and think about the team as a whole instead of just ourselves. This year also brought us four victories – a great accomplishment for a second-year team. The 2011 season was an overall success for the girl’s soccer team! – Emily Wetzel (Senior Soccer Player)

Cross Country

The cross country season started out a little rough this year, but we had a great group of runners and were able to do well as a team this year. With 11 senior high guys and 3 senior high girls, our team was bigger this year than it has ever been. It was also encouraging to see how well we did this year in being unified as a team. Our theme this year was “Being Sold Out”, whether to our practice, our team, our personal bests, our school work, our parents, or anything else. This year was a great year with the amount of talent that we had on the team. Everyone worked hard at consistently getting better and shaving time off their record. While this year was great, I think that next year has the potential to be even better.

Aside from the athletic part of Cross Country, our team also did a good job challenging each other spiritually, with our schoolwork, and just trying to stay consistent in everything. It has been a privilege to run with such a great group of friends. I speak for the entire team in saying that we all really appreciate the great job Mrs. McAllister did coaching us this year. She encouraged us and motivated us as we ran. She also did a great job in having a dedicated time at least once a week to have a team devotional. While we wanted to run well and win, ultimately our focus needed to be on God. That was our goal this year.  Even if we didn’t run well or place well as a team, we were always trying to be a light to the other athletes for our school and Christ. – Noah Hadley (Junior Cross Country Runner)

Varsity Volleyball

We had the opportunity to live out our theme “Make Life Meaningful” in several ways– win or lose.

The 2011 girls’ varsity volleyball season kicked off in the heat of August. We shaped our team with 11 girls committed to making the season “meaningful”. Often the coach and team had to answer the question “Why did we lose?”  To the casual bystander, the numbers on the scoreboard is the definite statement of winning or losing. We often cannot be led to measure success by the number of wins, and that was the case this year. We had the opportunity to live out our theme “Make Life Meaningful” in several ways– win or lose. We had many opportunities to pray with non-believing schools and moments to shine the light of Christ when we served together at the homeless shelter. We concentrated not on being a winning team, but on being a team that could compete. This season we went through many bumps in the road mentally and physically. I was proud of the girls in the way they responded to the “bumps” and how we adjusted as a team unit. Overall, our season was up and down, but we learned the importance of being a constant team that was ready to compete wholeheartedly in every situation.- Trent Herron (Varsity Coach)

Lynn Heusinger
Lynn Heusinger is the Athletic Director and Assistant to the Administrator. He has been in Christian education and athletics for over 30 years. He and his wife Kathy teach and coach at Faith Christian School.