Why I Wanted to Become an Intern

When I first arrived at Vision of Hope, I was frequently asked, “What made you want to be an intern here?” My reply was generally always the same two-fold answer. First, I absolutely love having a front row seat to watching God transform a young lady’s life. Second, I desire to be a better Biblical counselor, and before that can occur I need to grow as a counselee, allowing the truths of the Word of God fall fresh upon my own heart.

My first ministry experience whet my appetite for seeing God perform His work of redemption through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.  The aspects of discipleship, accountability, and Biblical teaching that were the standard of Vision of Hope’s ministry were extremely attractive as I considered the internship, because I had seen their necessity and effect in allowing the Lord to change a life, one day at a time.

When I came for a visit and final interview for the internship, I very quickly realized that I wanted to come to Vision of Hope, not because I had anything to offer for the position, but because I could and probably should be a resident myself!  I currently find myself, and hope to continually possess this mindset, where I realize my extreme and desperate need for God! Whether I am in the valley of despair of not, I need and want God to be making me new, shaping and molding me to look more like His Son.  I cannot think of a better place than Vision of Hope for that to happen.

By: Becky Janho

VOH Residents and Grads