Interview: Mr. Trent Herron, Kindergarten Teacher

Q:  How long have you been teaching kindergarten at FCS?
A:  7 years

Q:  How did you end up at FCS?
A:  Ultimately God sovereignly moved my family and I here 7 years ago. I have been impacted by many parents and students. I have been touched by God’s goodness to place me in the FCS family. I thank God for the daily opportunities I get to interact with these young children guiding them on God’s path of learning.

Q:  Why do you love teaching at Faith Christian School?
A:  What is there not to love about teaching kindergarten at Faith?!?! I get to work alongside the best teachers in Lafayette and have the privilege of impacting energetic 5-6 year olds for the Lord. I love the everyday opportunities I have from listening to an exciting story, watching a child tie a shoe for the first time, helping a child with their first loose tooth, and seeing extraordinary growth throughout the year. There is a lot to love about teaching!

Q:  You also coach girls varsity volleyball, what is your favorite part about coaching?
A:  My love for the sport allows me to build an impactful connection into the high school realm. I love that the sport opens the door and lets me help these high school girls think about just more than the sport I love. I get to connect with them and use volleyball as a tool to guide them in how to live effectively in God’s world. How to use volleyball as an instrument to display God’s love and be a light for Christ. I also love coaching the sport I love and the process of seeing girls improve upon their skills.

Q:  What would you tell parents thinking about enrolling students at FCS?
A:  We as an FCS staff love the students here at FCS. We are committed to partnering with you as we work together as a team to effectively see your child thrive and live vertically striving to grow in their relationship with the Lord out of a heart of love.

Denny Vauters