It Might Be Cancer. Now What?

Recently my doctor took a biopsy of a couple of black lesions on my skin.  To my recollection, they have appeared recently.  Now I know that one of the possible causes of such skin changes is melanoma.  Melanoma is one of the more deadly forms of skin cancer, often taking the life of the person if the cancer is not found soon enough or treated correctly.  What if I have that?  What will I do?  That is bad enough.  To make matters worse, the doctor told me the biopsy report would be back in 2 weeks.  “TWO WEEKS?”  Seriously?  I need that report now!

During the next two weeks how can a person think in a godly fashion with that potential harm hanging over his head? 

First, let me say that God has wonderful hope for us as we wait, even when a huge cloud seems to be squelching all the rays of hope.  That hope is found in the message of the gospel.  I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. 

I understood my need for Christ when I realized I was a sinner and had to pay for my sin.  I was overcome by the thought that the only way I could pay for my sin would have been to spend eternity in hell – even then, the payment of my sin would never have been complete.  I was in a bad spot.  Then I learned that God had sent his Son to die in my place.  His Son, Jesus, did not commit even one single sin in His entire life.  He did not have to die for his sins.  The sinless life of Jesus made it possible for God to accept Jesus’ death as a substitute payment for my sin.  But I had to accept that payment, which I did.  I told God I am a sinner, and cannot pay for my sin by myself.  I also asked his forgiveness for my sin and told Him that I accepted the payment of Jesus on the cross as the substitute payment for my sin.  As a result Jesus would become my boss for life and he would tell me how to live.  Even if that meant cancer or wait.  You see the gospel of Jesus Christ saves me from my sin and gives me hope in the midst of hardship.

Some might object, “What has that to do with waiting for a biopsy report?”  A lot! 

As a result of accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior I am now guaranteed a place in Heaven when I die.  Although many cancers can be cured, if I have a cancer that cannot be cured, I will go to heaven as a result. 

If you also have accepted Christ as Savior you have the same hope.  From all that the Bible says about Heaven it is a wonderful place.  All that happens in heaven will be like living on earth without any sin.  No more sorrow or pain, no death or end of relationships, no waiting for biopsy reports. 

Heaven is more wonderful than any experience we will ever have here on earth.  It is so superior to going on the best vacation you could ever imagine that the vacation will seem insignificant.  As you anticipate a vacation you get excited and even become impatient with the wait.  If you need to wait for a biopsy report all this is encouraging you look at the possibility of cancer the same way.  As a good steward of God’s property, your body, you can accept the recommended treatment for the cancer and rejoice over the possibility of more years to serve your Savior on this earth as well as fellowship with family and friends. 

If it is incurable, the trip may not be pleasant and even may be very unpleasant, but you will end up in heaven.  The hope of the destination helps you deal with the being uncomfortable while you wait.

Bob Smith
Dr. Bob Smith, a retired physician, is co-founder of Faith Baptist Counseling Ministries. He is an instructor and counselor for Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, where he oversees the training certification of several counselors. He is author of several books. Bob teaches several adult ministry classes and serves as the Chairman of deacons for Faith Church.