Intern Intros: Meet Wanda!

Vision of Hope is grateful for our interns, and we see God’s hand in bringing each intern our way with their different gifts to help build up the body of Christ at Vision of Hope. They help keep this program running! We count on our interns to supervise the residents and help disciple them in the day to day activities that happen at Vision of Hope. Interns are the ones on the front lines, interacting with the residents, helping in crisis situations, and being there for the residents to help them apply what they are learning in counseling when they are struggling. 

Vision of Hope is always looking for interns to join our team. If you are interested in joining our internship team, please contact Annie Martin, our Intern Coordinator, at

Over the next several weeks, we want to introduce our readers to our new interns who joined the team in July. These interns are already making an impact on the lives of the residents as they serve with compassion and excellence.

Wanda Parks is from Hampton Roads, Virginia, and started serving as an intern at VOH in July of 2020. Wanda enjoys landscaping, interior design, reading the Word, and people. Her favorite Bible passage is Psalm 62 because it was the first psalm that she memorized and has been an anchor through her life.

Wanda attended the BCTC for the past seven years and in 2020 she decided to attend the VOH information dinner. At the end of the dinner, she asked herself, “Why not me?” Several months later, she was at the doorstep of Vision of Hope ready to serve as an intern.

Wanda has been led to be an intern because she is at a point in her life when her children are grown, and she wanted to become better equipped in discipling women of diverse backgrounds. She comments that she also wanted a serious focus in studying the Word of God during this time, and that “because He had proven his Word to be sufficient and He had proven to be Who He says He is in Scripture, I wanted to be a voice that would represent His glory. I became very aware of my mortality as I am approaching 70 years of age and I want every day and every minute to count for eternity.”

Wanda’s biggest hope is that she will be able to observe experienced biblical counselors who love the Word of God and see the glory of Christ. She wants to pass this on to the many women that she counsels in the future.

After her internship, Wanda hopes to take what she has learned, apply it to her life back in Virginia, and use it within her church family and those that do not yet know Christ. She is excited to serve Christ and the residents for the next year at Vision of Hope.

Katie McNultyKatie McNulty
Katie first learned about Vision of Hope through hearing how God was transforming women's lives through the program. She became an intern in July 2015 where she learned more of how God’s Word is sufficient for every area of life and how God truly is the Father of all compassion and comfort. She is thankful to now serve as staff at Vision of Hope and be part of pointing the women at VOH to the hope found in Christ.