Freeing Truth: Part 14

One powerful Truth that impacts our lives is this: we can do nothing apart from Christ.

It can be easy to get caught up in our own self-sufficiency and thinking that we can call the shots. We believe that we can be successful, happy, or fulfilled without God, but that simply is not the case. Praise the Lord that we don’t have to carry the burden of believing that our fulfillment or peace is on our shoulders. God is in control, and we must rely on Him for help in our lives. He is trustworthy and always good in all of His ways, and we can trust in Him! When we are weak, He is strong, and He never changes!

Zechariah 4:6 is a passage that is quoted often by our pastors at Faith Church. In that verse, the statement is made, “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.” We don’t have to worry about going through life alone. It is only by the Spirit of the Lord that we can accomplish anything good! Let’s throw off our prideful self-sufficiency and fall into the arms of our strong Savior!

Thinking on this Truth, one of our residents shared how she has learned that she can do nothing apart from Christ:

“The Truth has set me free by showing me that I can only do all things through Christ. I can’t lean on my own strength, and I fall when I try. But God gives me strength. God has shown me where I serve idols and don’t serve Him. When I read Truth from the Word of God, it shows me so much, and if I practice what the Bible teaches, it sets me free.”

How beautiful is the freedom of Christ found in full reliance on Him!

Bethany Dunn
Bethany heard about Vision of Hope while attending Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida. When she began praying about what God wanted her to do after graduating, He kept bringing Vision of Hope to her mind. Knowing that there was an internship available, Bethany applied, was accepted, and began her internship with VOH in July, 2012. Since then she has been amazed at the opportunities God has given her to learn more about His Word and how it applies to everyday life. Bethany now serves on staff at Vision of Hope.