Freeing Truth: Part 4

As we continue to think about Truth and the impact it has on our lives, it is evident that Truth brings freedom. Christ promised that the Truth sets us free, and whom the Son sets free is free indeed! This awesome freedom brings true joy and hope to our lives every day – not the temporary happiness we often find ourselves seeking after by other means, but the true and lasting joy that is found in living a life of Truth for the Lord!

One of our residents shared with me how learning to live in Truth has not always been easy, but has brought her much joy. Here’s what she shared about the joy of Truth:

At VOH, I’m learning to put truth into action. Before I came, I knew a lot, but my life was a mess because I chose to do my own thing. Now, I’m learning to live for God (not myself), and it is awesome!

Living in truth is so freeing because I’m learning to live for God. There is no hiding, no lying, no guilt, no pain – but plenty of joy, and blessings, and freedom!

Learning to live in the truth is a journey from darkness to light, sadness to joy, and emptiness to overflowing blessings. It is a journey, so there are lessons to learn, corrections to make, and tears to surrender, but the journey goes on and on, and God is with me every step of the way.”

Even when we don’t see it, there truly is joy, light, and freedom in a life filled with Truth! May we commit ourselves to walking in the light, meditating and living by the Truth of the Word!

Bethany Dunn
Bethany heard about Vision of Hope while attending Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida. When she began praying about what God wanted her to do after graduating, He kept bringing Vision of Hope to her mind. Knowing that there was an internship available, Bethany applied, was accepted, and began her internship with VOH in July, 2012. Since then she has been amazed at the opportunities God has given her to learn more about His Word and how it applies to everyday life. Bethany now serves on staff at Vision of Hope.