Resident Reflection-Jessica

Hello! I’m a sixteen year old girl who lives at Vision of Hope. I can’t even express to you how much this place means to me. I arrived here about a month and a half ago. I didn’t understand why God was wanting me to come to this place. I was very confused. I hadn’t done drugs, drank, smoked, had an eating disorder or anything like that. I was confused on why God would want me to come to a treatment center for having a rough home life. I still have no idea how they actually let me in here, but God knew what He wanted for my life. When I arrived I was so excited to be here, because I wasn’t at home, but God reminded me that I couldn’t escape and run from my life at home. Even though it was a safe place here at VOH, my home haunted me and how I handled my life wrong. You have no idea how this place has helped and encouraged me not to give up, to love my family no matter what, and to pray for them. God has done amazing things in my life since I’ve been here. Some have been trials, some miracles. Two days after Thanksgiving my aunt who I loved dearly died of heart failure very unexpectedly. I was shocked. But thanks to the things I’ve been learning here, God was able to give me peace with my aunts sudden death. He taught my heart to sing praises to His name even though I didn’t understand why. Well you know what? I do know why He allowed it. Because some how He was going to use it for His glory! And I knew there could be no greater joy but to see my Heavenly Father praised and glorified. More home trials arrived in my life and my heart was once again drawn closer to God through my brokenness. Through my weak helpless body, God was showing His strength. The greatest miracle He has shown to me was my Christmas break home, it was great! I walked through the doors of a changed household. It was dumbfounding to me. God had taken so much from my life and He showed me if I put Him first and give Him the glory no matter what, He would take care of me. I can’t express to you what a miracle God has done through this place in a month and a half. When my heart was crying out for love, God showed it through the staff here. No matter what happens, God will be glorified somehow, and my life is in His hands. I will never be the same after being here. God has shown me how incredible He is. Thanks to what He was been teaching me about never losing Hope in Him, He was preparing me for the next phase of my life. On New Year’s Eve I recieved a call that my dad has cancer. My heart is ready. Ready for this next journey, ready for a stronger relationship with Him, ready for Him to be glorified through this trial. Thank you for opening VOH. My family and I will never be the same. To God be the Glory and Praise through everything!

Jocelyn Wallace
Jocelyn was the executive director of the Vision of Hope residential treatment center ( on the campus of Faith Ministries until 2013. Her experience in the biblical counseling field goes back to 2002, and includes work in parachurch organizations and Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.