Students and Families Making the Phrase “SCHOOL FAMILY” Reality

Dear Mr. Heusinger,

I’m writing this is inform you and the staff at Faith Christian what an impact you have on your students. [My Husband and I]  have guardianship of our 5 grandchildren which 3 of them have been so blessed to be at Faith.

[one of them] said Grandma, thank you with all my heart that you put us in Faith. I asked why here’s what she said:

I wasn’t happy that you wanted me to leave my new friends at [my other school] to have to start over. I know it’s only been 3 days since I’ve started school but it has been such a blessing! I asked her what she meant, she said I love my school because of the spiritual input they are putting into my life and the warm and genuine support from the teachers. I am so happy there, so thank you Grandma for knowing what is best for me and my sisters and brothers. By that time tears were flowing!

Thank you and your staff (all staff) for being dedicated to our children. Guiding each one with the promises of God!

God bless,

[New Faith Christian Family]

Thank you to our current students and families for making the phrase “school family” a reality to all our new students. #GREATER

AvatarDenny Vauters