Why Faith Christian School?

Why should I enroll my students at FCS?

Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year is upon us! In my opinion, we have enjoyed one of our school’s very best years. As you determine if FCS is the right partner for your child’s education, please consider:

  1. Commitment.  I am committed to your child(ren), and I want to see every student at FCS succeed at various levels of their life.  I’m committed to a Christ-centered education for every student, and I want them to develop a rich relationship with Jesus.  I’m also committed to developing a faculty and staff who knows and loves their students and who is committed to doing their very best at teaching them and stretching them in their critical thinking skills.
  1. Family. Faith Christian School seeks to partner with parents.  We take that partnership seriously, and we want to be in the very best position to get to know each family well.  We also understand that parents want the very best for their children and sometimes that takes help and encouragement along the way – we want to be there for just that reason.  We want to strengthen you as parents, and we hope to help support you as you in turn support us at school.  When the relationship between family, the local church, and the Christian school is working together, we believe that the future success of the student becomes greater and greater.
  1. Preparation. Our mission focuses on helping our students be prepared to live effectively in God’s world.  Through Bible class, chapels and personal Bible study, our students’ faith becomes their own and their relationship with Christ deepens.  In their academic pursuits, our students are strengthened and their future goals and plans are realized.  With J Term internships, classes, and trips, our students are exposed to real-life experiences that other educational choices cannot provide.  And, with a great network of parents, churches and businesses our students really benefit from first-hand knowledge, experiences and current trends.

Over the last two years, Faith Christian School has averaged a 92% re-enrollment rate!  That number represents a huge blessing from the Lord and unique trust and stewardship issue from parents that I do not take lightly.  I’m very thankful and appreciative for EVERY family here at FCS, and I would really like to see every student return next year.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, please click on this link to watch our 12 minute “State of the School” address:  http://blogs.faithlafayette.org/school/2016-state-of-the-school-address/. This video lays out some of our highlights of the school year and addresses some important and exciting goals for the future.

Please contact me or one of our office personnel today to re-enroll or start the enrollment process.

Scott Grass
Scott Grass is the administrator of Faith Christian School. He has been involved with Faith Christian School since it began in 1997. He and his wife, Debbie, have been active members of Faith Church since 1990. Scott also serves as a deacon and an ABF teacher.