Not just a piano lesson…

We are not just strong academics or character preparation.  Present in every subject, lesson, and corner of our school are opportunities to disciple students to be conformed to the image of Christ.  Here’s a short update on how that is happening in piano lessons with Miss McMillan.

Each week I meet individually with 37 students.
I check their assignments.
I listen to their stories and concerns.
I pray with them.
I share truth from God’s Word that applies to their lives.

Am I a school counselor? A private tutor? A Bible instructor? Not exactly. I am a piano teacher.  As you can see, it is not solely about training musicians. The piano bench is a platform for discipleship. My main goal is not for each student to win competitions, be concert pianists or professional musicians. While these goals are outstanding, my primary aim is to develop a culture of gospel-motivated, responsible, and passionate musicians and disciples of Jesus Christ.

Students are reminded that we do what we do because of Who our God is and what He has done for us on the cross.

Students are accountable. This quarter 60% of my students have a perfect “grade” in responsibility – meaning they have done all assignments and have asked a parent to sign their assignment sheet for all 8 weeks of lessons this fall. I revisit the idea of stewardship and our need for God’s help weekly with each student.  If they have failed to fulfill their assignments, we pray and ask the Lord for help. If they have completed them, we thank the Lord for His strength and give Him glory.

Passionate musicians and disciples of Jesus Christ
We strive for excellence in music while striving to worship the Most Excellent One. He is worthy of our all. None of this is possible without the wonderful parents with whom I collaborate. We are a team.  On a regular basis parents and guardians partner with me by asking questions, communicating frequently, expressing gratitude, and ensuring a good environment for practice at home.With partners like this and the Lord’s blessing, I have the privilege of hearing things like this from students and parents:
“I love piano!”
“I obeyed my mommy this week and practiced the first time she asked.”
“I am totally ready to play today, Miss Mac.”
“When can I play for chapel? I really want to serve in that way.”
“Thank you for making piano fun and interesting.”
“Miss Mac, I wrote my own song this week. It’s about Jesus meeting the needs of beggars and homeless people.”

There is still room for growth, but the Lord is working in lives.
At the end of the day, it is not about piano. It’s about His glory!


AvatarDenny Vauters