Memories that will last a lifetime

Several students had an opportunity to travel to Mexico City this year for J Term.  We asked each of them to highlight their trip from their perspective and share some things that the Lord allowed them to learn and experience.  Rachel Rozenboom is a senior at FCS.  Please read Rachel’s blog and continue to pray for her and other team members throughout the year.

Trying to describe one or two of my favorite aspects of Mexico is quite difficult simply because everything was amazing. My favorite part would most likely be stopping at the Lago de Guadalupe after our last day of clinics in Mexico City. The city is bustling and never seems to quiet down, but the lake was so peaceful and 222still. During this time, we journaled and reflected on special verses which Mr. Grass had given us. The timing could not have been better for me and I was inspired by the vast beauty and serenity which settled over me as the sun set over the mountains. During this time, Mr. Grass gave us a challenge to find a
spiritual word or phrase to incorporate in our life this next year. I chose the phrase, “Growing in Prayer.” I continually struggle with worry and doubt, yet if I would just give it to God in daily prayer, my worries would disappear just as they did at the Lago de Guadalupe. Another one of my favorite aspects would have to be our sports camps in our first location, the poorer outskirts of Mexico City. The volleyball crew wasn’t able to hold a full blown clinic, but I really felt like we became friends with the kids that came. I also enjoyed having them teach me a little about soccer while we taught them volleyball.  What surprised me the most was when all of the kids came over to the basketball courts to hear our devotions. I was blessed with being able to share the gospel with these kids and while they may not have accepted Christ, the seed was planted and I believe that God can now take a hold of the hearts of the children and change them. Mexico was truly an amazing experience!

Joni Digman