Memories that will last a lifetime

Several students had an opportunity to travel to Mexico City this year for J Term.  We asked each of them to highlight their trip from their perspective and share some things that the Lord allowed them to learn and experience.  Austin Wiegers is a sophomore at FCS.  Please read Austin’s blog and continue to pray for him and other team members throughout the year.

México City. When I hear those two words, a few things come to my mind. First off, smog and traffic. There is an incredible amount of both in this metropolis of thirty-five million people. However, it doesn’t take away from its beauty which is my second point. There is so much beauty. Art structures such as statues and 1207301buildings line the streets and there are small shops everywhere. It is definitely different from Indiana! But I think my last point trumps them all. My final point is the people living there. Going in to this, I had no idea how close I would become with the people there. One example that I will remember forever is Adrian. He is a young boy who goes to the church we served with in Mexico City. He’s had a hard life and it seemed like we made a great impact. In fact, we found out that he had the greatest week of his life. It was definitely hard leaving him and our whole team parted with him in tears. It’s crazy how much of an impact you can have by just doing small things like running sports camps and youth groups. That really stuck with me and it helped me learn that there are bigger things than myself.  Another thing I learned was how to let God take control. At the end of our trip, Mr. Grass challenged us to write a phrase to direct us for 2017 and find a verse to go along with it. My phrase was “It’s in His hands” and my verse was Matthew 6:34 which says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” We shouldn’t worry about our future because it’s already in God’s hands. Whether we’re struggling with food from day to day like Adrian, or we’re upset over a small thing in our lives, we need to go to God in those situations and ask for help and guidance.

Joni Digman