Memories that will last a lifetime…

Several students had an opportunity to travel to Mexico City this year for J Term.  We asked each of them to highlight their trip from their perspective and share some things that the Lord allowed them to learn and experience.  Addy Fisher is a senior at FCS.  Please read Addy’s blog and continue to pray for her and other team members throughout the year.

Over J Term this year, I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico City on a mission trip. The focus of the trip was using sports camps to share the gospel with kids. 1208638We also wrote our testimonies in Spanish to share at the camps. Going into the trip, I was nervous because I don’t speak much Spanish, and I’m not the best at sports. But while we were there, Mr. Grass challenged each of us to think of a spiritual word or phrase that we wanted to characterize 2017 for each of us. I chose the phrase “confidence in God.” God helped me to realize that I needed to focus on reaching people for Him instead of my own imperfections. I was really able to see God working in me and all the other team members while we were there. Even with our limited Spanish abilities, we were able to reach out to many kids through the sports camps. One of my favorite aspects of the trip was seeing God work through our team. He took the small things we did and used them to plant seeds and reach out to many people in the local church and community. Another one of my favorite parts of the trip was the friendships I was able to make. I met so many amazing kids through our sports camps. We also had a great team that had a lot of fun and worked well together. I really enjoyed sightseeing, climbing the pyramids, and trying lots of delicious Mexican food! As a result of the trip, I have learned to be more confident and to focus more on reaching out to others. The trip was an amazing and life-changing experience that I will never forget.

Joni Digman