Kindergarten–Half-day or Full-day?

5 smiling kindergarteners“Awesome,” “good,” and “fun,” are words that kindergartners use to describe their classes.  The teachers’ perspectives also include phrases such as continual learning, constant growing, and concentrating on the needs of students.

At FCS, we have the great opportunity to instruct both half-day and full-day kindergarten students in our classes. Parents may face a sincere struggle as they decide what is best for their child. We can assure them that both our half-day and full-day programs will prepare their children for first grade. Half-day kindergarten does meet the needs or desire of many parents and their children, so it is still being offered at FCS.

Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten

  1. Greater Academic Depth. There is more time and opportunity for students to explore or apply knowledge and skills in greater depth.
  2. More Social Opportunities. More chances for students to be involved in smaller groups and have individual time to interact with the teacher and other students. This further cultivates social and behavioral skills.
  3. More Volunteer Opportunities. If their schedules permit, parents have more chances to volunteer in the classroom or accompany the class for special events, special days, and field trips.
  4. Built-in Afternoon Care. Parents who definitely need afternoon care also appreciate the peace of mind knowing their children are safe and being cared for in an educational setting.
  5. Improved Student/Teacher Interaction. A full-day program benefits the teacher as he or she has an increased amount of time to individually help children develop specific skills. It also allows the teacher to take advantage of time to evaluate, assess, and tailor instruction to a student’s specific need.  Relationships are strengthened as the full-day students remain with their same teacher throughout the day.

Ready For the Next Step?

Kindergarten is an important stage in a child’s life as a parent “lets go” of her child’s hand and watches him become more independent. The teachers are there to take their hands and direct them to become established in core objectives as they prepare for first grade.

For more specific information about our kindergarten programs, contact Mr. Trent Herron or Mrs. Amanda McQueen.

Contributions by Trent Herron

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