A Quick Survey of the Bible

Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of teaching a class called Overview of Bible Study. During the course of this class, we’ve taken entire books of the Bible and studied them as a group, building confidence in both God’s ability to pierce our hearts with truth and our ability to comprehend what he has spoken.

Our study has utilized a chart as a way of keeping track of some of the background behind each book of the Bible, as a tool when we begin our study. In addition, this chart contains helpful information about the main character of the Bible, God. Although this chart has a place for some of the central figures, the central focus of the Bible is God’s nature, glory and character. It’s easy to forget that, although the stories of David and Moses and Abraham are thrilling, God remains the main character of every book of the Bible.

As God is revealed and his attributes manifested, this chart tracks which of God’s attributes are most commonly on display in each book as well. I’m sure that this chart is quite incomplete, and anyone who wants to add will strengthen it immensely, but it may provide an apt starting place for those unfamiliar with the grand sweep of the Bible and the background behind some of the more uncommon books within.

Click the download button below to view the chart. Please feel free to use it and contact me with any questions or if you’d like more information or resources from my class.



Joe Mieden
Joe is a pastoral intern at Faith Church serving in various ministries. He is studying toward an M.Div. at Faith Bible Seminary.