Hartford Hub Update

September and October have proven to be exciting months for Faith’s North End Ministries. God’s blessing upon the Hartford Hub and Lincoln Neighborhood Park have continually exceeded our expectations! I shared in September’s Church Family Night how this was the case, according to God’s promise found in Ephesians chapter 3: “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think…”
2016-10-07-hartford-hub_9Our church body responded by signing up to serve and coming down to the Hub with the desire to steward this great blessing with which we have been entrusted. We see members from Faith at the Hub every weeknight assisting in a wide gambit of capacities: building relationships, helping kids with homework, assisting and leading Bible studies, teaching kids/adults how to sew, cook, clean, do various crafts, and many other valuable activities!

To our surprise, Purdue University has taken a unique interest in the Hub as well, and as a result, we see students serving down here almost every night of the week (for homework help and simply getting to know the kids/parents). There is even a Purdue engineering group (EPICS) that is seeking to add value to the Hub by considering winter activities and street closure options. God is using many unpredictable facets to show His faithfulness.

Every night of the week, we have unique opportunities to speak truth into the hearts of the youth of the Lincoln neighborhood. These occasions have allowed a natural segue into the lives of many parents and adults of that area as well, and two important things have happened as a result. First, we had two kids accept Christ at Bible Study on Tuesday at the Hub: Admyer (12 year old girl) and Slater (6 year old boy)! Second, several adults and children from the area have chosen to come to Faith West with us for Sunday services and have been well received by our church body. This got us thinking – how else could we bless one another by integrating the youth of the Lincoln Neighborhood with Faith Church as a whole?

Pastor Johnny Kjaer and his 4:TWELVE crew have done an excellent job over the last year getting to know the kids/adults of the neighborhood. This existing relationship made it easy for us to consider next steps: why not shuttle the Lincoln Neighborhood kids from the Hartford Hub over to Faith East on Wednesday evenings for 4:TWELVE and Wednesday Night Kids of Faith? When we presented the idea to the Hartford Hub kids, the majority of them were extremely excited; some ask us every week, “Are we going today?” Also, shuttling the kids to church would free up the Hub for parents and adults to use on Wednesday evenings for game nights, meetings, and other activities.

When considering next steps, please be praying that the Lord would give us wisdom as we consider how to serve the Lincoln Neighborhood best and empower the many assets with which it has been blessed. Also, with our increased scope (particularly with Wednesday evening ministries), we could use additional help. If this is an area of ministry in which you feel the Lord compelling you to serve, please contact either Joey Wright or Stefan Nitzschke to get more information.

Stefan Nitzschke
Stefan Nitzschke serves on the pastoral team at Faith Church. He and his wife have a passion for discipleship and evangelism. They are the blessed parents of four carefree boys and one sweet girl.