FCDC Play Day: A New Beginning

The Faith Community Development Corporation (FCDC) had its first Youth Play Day today. The event was 10am – 12pm and a total of 17 children came to play in the closed-off street with members of the college ministry.

Lively basketball games drew in kids of all ages.

The first FCDC Play Day took place on Hartford Street near 6th Street. On one side of the street is an old building with broken windows and graffiti on the side. On the other side is an open field. The city owns this building and the lot across the street. According the Lori Walters, director of the FCDC, they dream of using it one day as a neighborhood space.

Two guys teach computer programming to a neighborhood youth.

Among the festivities today were corn hole, basketball, soccer, and computer programming. Yes, computer programming! Engineer students and graduates within the college ministry taught basics of computer programming to young people in the neighborhood. One of the dreams of the FCDC is to do technology repair workshops on devices such as iPods, iPads, and iPhones to introduce new trades to the children for potential future job skills.

Families of all ages engaged with the northern neighborhood of Lafayette. The thunderstorms came on strong before and after the event, but the sun shined down on the FCDC Play Day.


Upcoming events with the FCDC at this same location are as follows:

Youth Play Days: Saturdays June 20 and July 11 (10am – 12pm)

Basketball and Soccer Clinics: Thursday, June 11 (1-4:30pm)*

Neighborhood Block Party: Saturday, June 13 (6-11pm)

The FCDC Play Day was on Hartford St. by 6th St.
On one side of the street is an old building with broken windows and graffiti on the side. The FCDC dreams of using this building for the neighborhood.

For more photos of the FCDC Play Day, click here.

*These activities are only for residents in the lower Lincoln area.

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