Our Mission and Its Lingering Effect on Our Students

Partnering with parents to equip students to live effectively in God’s world

As an alumnus (2000), it has been enjoyable to jump back into life at Faith Christian School this semester. Much has changed in my 15 year absence; much is still the same. For instance, the school facilities are significantly larger than when I graduated. Yet, somehow the boys locker room still smells very much like a boys locker room – the same way it smelled 15 years ago.

As I look at the places God has led me, FCS was near the beginning of that journey. At FCS, I was prepared to face life, not just face life in general but to face it all with godliness. As a student, I didn’t entirely recognize the value of what I was getting. The length of time removed from a situation is directly proportional to my perspective of my time at FCS.

Recently our Superintendent Scott Grass (and teacher from the very beginning of FCS) received this note from an alumnus:

Mr. Grass,

Today has been a day of reflection and appreciation for my time at FCS. I am working on a paper for my Followership grad course; and it made me think of the people who I have followed throughout the years. I cannot thank you and the staff enough for the life impact that FCS had. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today if it were not for my decision to switch to Faith following my sophomore year of high school. I hope this comes as an encouragement today on the brink of the Eagle Auction. I will forever be a supporter of FCS and serve however I can with the time that I have. I am so very thankful for FCS and how God used my time there to mold and shape me into the man that I am today. Thank you!!

God Bless,
Jacob Quick
Graduated ’11

The effects of our mission simmer in our graduates.

Let me summarize my own experience as a student and now staff member at Faith Christian School in a few statements to our constituents:

  1. To our graduates: Let me encourage you to think on the helpful ways Faith Christian School prepared you for life. We probably messed up a few times along the way, but I think we all can say we benefited from being a student at Faith Christian School.
  2. To our current parents: Life is a pressure cooker; and as the heat is turned up on our students and graduates, effectively living in God’s world (our mission) is what comes out. You won’t see all the effects of an education from Faith Christian School by the time your student graduates. The effects will linger.
  3. To prospective parents and students: We are thankful to be among the great schooling options in our community. However, our mission is distinct among our peers. Academics are important. Athletics are important. Extra-curricular programs are important. I would argue we do all of these things well but with an encompassing mission of spiritual equipping for life here at FCS and into the future.Vauters

Be a part of our mission. Graduates, continue in the things you were taught. Current parents, remain with us as we continually get better at what we do. Prospective parents, give us the opportunity to have this kind of impact on your student(s).

Denny Vauters,
Alumni Advancement

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.