Grandparents Day Testimony: Briley Hancock

106Looking back on my elementary years at Faith, I can definitely say Grandparent’s Day was a highlight each year. I remember the excitement and anticipation of my grandparents coming to see my classroom and spending time doing various activities with me before taking me and my siblings out to Pizza Hut each year. My grandparents hold a special place in my heart and I’m blessed to have grandparents that are so actively involved in my life at Faith Christian School. Sometimes I wonder if they spend more time in the halls here, or at their home. I can remember walking in line and trying to contain my excitement when I would see one of my grandparents down the hall. Whether my grandma was working on a bulletin board, or my grandpa was coming to the rescue with yet another forgotten homework assignment, their presence at school seemed constant. My grandparents continue to support me in every area of my life here at Faith today, and for that I am so grateful.

So, Papa and Gawa and Gramma Bettye: know that I remember and am thankful for every piano recital, concert, Field Day, class production, and game that you have been present at. I’m pretty sure you have perfect attendance as of now. I’m thankful for every ride you have given me early in the morning to school and home late at night after games. I’m thankful for the dollars you use to give me for every “A” I earned and for your support in every fund raising event you’ve supported me and Faith in. I’m thankful for every costume you’ve helped me make for spirit days and for every forgotten PE uniform you’ve delivered. I am especially thankful for your care and concern for my spiritual life. I recognize that you have played a critical role in my life by partnering with Faith in order to prepare me to live effectively in God’s world.  I know my career at Faith would be drastically different if you were not present in it. And to the many other grandparents here today: know your attendance at these special days really does mean something to your grandchild. They will remember it, and they will treasure every moment you invest in their lives.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.