Did You Say You Washed Your Hands?

The elementary classes of Faith Christian School recently welcomed student nurses from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing into our classrooms.  The aspiring nurses spoke on a variety of topics from germs to blood to healthy snacks –whichever the teacher thought would be helpful for their class.

Mrs. McQueen’s kindergarten class engaged in hands-on activities to learn about proper hand washing techniques as well as watching the student nurses role-play examples of playground safety. The presenters did a great job keeping the kindergartners focused- which is not an easy task!

2013-11-14 13.45.36The fourth grade classes learned about healthy snack options. Nutritional guides were explained as well as how to use MyPlate, the most recent model for healthy eating. Some ideas were given as to how fruits and veggies could be used as snacks rather than less nutritious choices.  The main take away was to make choices in moderation and practice portion control.

Three nursing students presented information to the fifth graders about preventing infections.  After asking who had received a flu shot, they proceeded to give information about both the shot and nasal spray. Ways that infections are spread and prevention strategies were also discussed.   The students learned the differences between bacterial and viral infections and how antibiotics are effective with one but not the other. Plenty of time was provided answering the thoughtful questions asked by the curious FCS students.

2013-11-14 13.44.57Another lesson in fifth grade incorporated a very revealing activity. One student was secretly given lotion containing simulated germs that would show up under a black light.  Then this student led a ball throwing game which resulted in germs being on all of the participants’ hands.  After seeing the germs under the black light, they were sent to wash their hands.  There were many surprised looks when the black light revealed how many of the germs were still there even after washing. This provided a good lesson in the amount of time needed to properly wash ones’ hands.

FCS is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. What a valuable learning opportunity our students had through our guests!    We look forward to future visits during the second semester!

Jane Hicks