God Is Sovereign

Quick Review:  We are in the midst of several weeks of answering the question, “Who is God?”, as we continue to dig deeper into the gospel message.  We have discussed so far that God is…..

  • the CREATOR – Genesis 1-2
  • HOLY – Isaiah 6:1-7
  • AWESOME – Isaiah 40
    • Why is it important to understand these truths about God when digging into the gospel?

All of the above truths are hard for our imperfect, sinful, human minds to fully grasp, but today’s topic trumps them all – GOD IS SOVEREIGN!  What does it mean to be sovereign or to have sovereignty?

When we say that God is sovereign, then what are we actually saying?  Are you comfortable with this truth?  Why or why not?


Do you feel the tension in the air?  What about the issue of man’s free will?  How can God’s sovereignty and man’s free will exist at the same time?

Let’s dig into God’s Word to shed some light on this challenging truth – Read Isaiah 45:1-13.

V1-7 – God is sovereign over all events and people in history – past, present, and future.

  • Who is Cyrus and how do a few verses about Him tell anything about God’s sovereignty?

V8-13 – God is sovereign in man’s salvation and ultimate sanctification because He is the Creator of man and of all things.

  • If you are a believer in Christ, you are probably thinking “but I chose Jesus.  What do you mean He chose me?”  If you are currently not a believer, you may be thinking “how do I know if I am chosen?”
  • Read Deuteronomy 29:29 and I Corinthians 13:12.  God chose to not reveal to us the details of how His complete sovereignty and our ability to choose freely actually work together.  As with many things of the Christian life, it boils down to faith and trusting what God’s Word says about salvation.

Do you embrace the truth that God is sovereign?  If so, what impact should that truth have on your life?

James McDonald in the chapter “Gripped by the Sovereignty of God” in his book called Gripped by the Greatness of God outlines three principles to take to heart when considering God’s sovereignty.

  • I will be obedient when told.
  • I will be righteous when tempted.

·         I will be submissive when tried.

Why are these appropriate responses to God’s sovereignty?  What is your plan given our discussion today?

Johnny Kjaer
Johnny is married to Tori. They have 4 children Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti and Hroarr. He has been a part of the youth ministry at Faith since his internship began in 2010. He served as the Pastor of Student Ministries from 2013-2023 and now serves as the Pastor of Faith East Community Ministries. Johnny is an ACBC certified counselor. He also serves the church by directing the Lafayette Living Nativity.