God the Holy One

Intro: Your thoughts about God is the most important thing
about you.

What role does God play in the story of your life?
I. A Picture of the Holy One (v1-4)
Question: What does this picture of God tell us about Him?How
do you think you would respond to this vision of God?
1. Everlasting King
2. Epic    proportions
3. His servants have to shield themselves
4. Absolutely Holy
5. His beauty is everywhere
6. Rocking-awesome  worship service
II. The Rescue of a Humbled Man (v5-7)
1. Isaiah recognizes his  filth
2. Isaiah recognizes his  doom
3. God interrupts
Questions: How do you think this would have affected Isaiah’s
life? What should you change in your own picture of God? How
would that affect your relationship with God? How would that
affect your everyday life?
Application (v8)
Think about this picture of God (the gigantic hem of His
robe, the rocking-awesome worship service, etc) as you get
up and go about your daily activities. Is there any filth in your
life that doesn’t belong in the presence of God? Have you
acknowledged it to God? What sort of filth has God cleansed
you of? Give Him thanks for that and serve Him today!

Johnny Kjaer
Johnny Kjaer oversees the Youth Ministries at Faith Church. He can often be found serving the community with the teenagers. His passion is to assist parents in training their teens to love the Lord. He and his wife, Tori, have four children; Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti, and Hroarr.