Vision of Hope Leadership: Part 2

Next in the lineup of Vision of Hope Staff introductions, we have our tenacious and loving Janelle Meinema, who serves as Senior Staff and Counselor, as well as functions as the Household Manager.  She meets with several counselees each week and oversees the menu-planning, household projects, and upkeep of the domestic responsibilities of the each of the residents.

We don’t know what we would do without Janelle!  She keeps us well fed, through planning a frugal and wisely budgted menu, while maintaining the order and beautiful state of the home that we have been blessed to live in! She is leading each of the residents to develop valuable life skills, that many of them have never gained before coming to Vision of Hope, such as laundry and cooking.  We are thankful and blessed by the ministry that Janelle has here at Vision of Hope!  You’ll soon be hearing from Janelle herself about her role and what she’s been learning personally!