What Would Jesus Grill?

What would Jesus…wait…what!?
You probably won’t see WWJG wrist bands becoming the next big trend, but if you’re a Christ-follower, the concept just may be the best way to jump-start your mission for the rest of the Summer.  So, what would Jesus grill? Well, how about some fish and chips, for starters!  Whether it was around a dinner table, an enormous picnic in the hill country, or even an open-air breakfast on the shore with his disciples, Jesus made great use of natural occasions when people gathered. And what do all those occasions have in common?  People, mission, and…that’s right, FOOD! Christ demonstrated throughout his ministry that being on mission shouldn’t be separated from the regular activities of life. So, what does that mean for us??

Get on Mission

We’re finding ourselves already past the mid-point of Summer and headed into the Fall; but, trust me, there’s still time for you to make up for missed opportunities.  What missed opportunities? Oh, just all the opportunities to have casual, no-pressure, ordinary interaction with your neighbors, that’s all.  If you’re part of Faith Church, you know our mission is 2-fold:  evangelism and discipleship.  If Jesus is your Lord and savior, then you really need to get on mission.  But mission shouldn’t be just an “add-on”, it should be a part of life.  In order to do that you may need to…

Do Something Radical

Let’s face it, Summer is busy with a ton of activities. For most of us, we probably haven’t taken the active steps to make reaching out and building relationships with our neighbors a real priority. If you’re like me, you’re going to have to do something really radical…like getting out a calendar and picking up a phone! If you don’t get it on the schedule, it’s not going to happen. Spontaneity has it’s place, but two of the biggest hindrances to prioritizing mission will be lack of organization and communication. So sit down with your family, figure out which neighbors you’d like to reach out to, and then…

Light up the Bar-B

Of all the favored mid-west summer pass-times, grilling out would probably find itself in the top 3.  It also happens to be one of the most casual occasions imaginable.  I can’t think of a more informal, non-intimidating, and potentially redemptive activity to invite your neighbors to (other than church 🙂 But that’s the point.  Are you going to walk across the street and invite your neighbor to church without any prior context?  Probably not.  But you have to start somewhere.  Maybe you won’t invite them to church for a really long time; but, if you have a context, who knows what kinds of conversations and opportunities the Lord will allow you to have in the future.  Without context, you may never find out.  So whether it’s grilling out or some other pass time, invite the people around you to join in.  If you’re purposeful, that’s where you’ll begin to see life and mission become one and the same.

Food for Thought

You’re called to be a bright light of God’s love and grace wherever He’s placed you.  You need to start viewing yourself as a vehicle for the Gospel, because that’s how Jesus views you.  It’s never too late to get on mission.

P.S.  All of this applies to tail-gating in the Fall as well 🙂

Titus Curtis
Titus has a degree in cross-cultural ministry and was on staff at Faith from 2000-2012.